NaNoWriMo Diaries, Day 26: Does It Work For You?

So, we all know that the concept of "winning" NaNo is a bit arbitrary.  50K is an arbitrary goal and the real prize is finishing a manuscript.  That said, it's a great motivator.

Except when it isn't.

We love seeing the little chart our word-count going up, up, up.

Except when life gets in the way.

I went out of town last week, and told myself I would at least write a little bit while I was there.  But I didn't end up getting in front of the keyboard at all.

I took 10 days off but on the writing days I've been writing well past the 1667 words.  So I think I can still make it.  Also, I can be a bit pig-headed about reaching certain goals.

My story is of course total nonsense.  And not chronological in any way.  For some people, that would be horrible.  But I don't mind the concept of a zero draft, which is totally what this is.

I've seen writers get frustrated when they get too far behind.  There are also the lovely contrarians who find the entire idea of word-count goals to be counter-productive.

NaNo isn't going to be good for every person or every project.

For me, this year, this project, it has worked out nicely.  At least I'm having fun.  To everyone else: if you're not having fun, if the word counts are too much for you, just remember the purpose is to get writing.  Don't stress! Do what you can, do what you love, do what inspires you.

And try not to ignore the fam on Thanksgiving! :)

Are you past the hump?