Foreshadow Anthology has a Beautiful Cover

We now have a gorgeous cover for our anthology, Foreshadow: Stories to Celebrate the Magic of Reading and Writing YA. Huge thanks to Sarah J. Coleman for her gorgeous design!

Behind every glossy cover reveal is a journey, and usually a twisting one. In the case of Foreshadow, there are so many journeys, with thirteen short stories as well as craft discussions from our fearless editors. I can say that from start to finish, working on this project has been an unequivocal joy.

Our stories are all YA but they span genres and styles. We represent a multitude of backgrounds. When I read the first pass pages recently, it all seriously took my breath away.

In the craft essays, Emily X.R. Pan and Nova Ren Suma have taken a deep dive into each story to draw attention to the pearls within. Our words have been treated like precious bits of treasure, and it means the world to me. There is a lot of passion and imagination here, and I hope readers will come away from this book with a burning need to tell their own stories, to add new treasures to the sea.

And I can also share the full jacket, complete with my name on the back among the "bold new YA voices"!!! What a thrill and an honor being a part of this project has been.

 The release date for this anthology is October 20, 2020. But you can preorder it now:

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