About Me

I hail from a long line of book nerds. Dinner time in my father's childhood was often an anti-social affair, with every family member absorbed in their paperback of choice. My own parents used the public library as free daycare. And when the final Harry Potter book dropped, my parents, three siblings, and I (along with our entourage of spouses, children, and cousins) gathered from four separate states to attend the Midnight Party together.

I'm a South Asian American writer, a Caltech graduate, and a former Silicon Valley software engineer. I now reside in the Pacific Northwest, where I enjoy hiking, canoeing, and raising my budding bookworm daughter. A recipient of the 2017 We Need Diverse Books mentorship program, I write stories featuring unwieldy technologies, Indian culture, and subversive STEM girls.

Contact Me


You may contact me on twitter @mayaprasadwrite.