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Developmental Editorial Services

About Me

As a traditionally published author, I'll use my experience working with editors at major publishing houses to help whip your novel or query letter into shape. I specialize in books for young adults and children (in particular, YA, MG, and chapter books). Favorite genres include romance, fantasy, sci-fi and coming-of-age stories. I especially love to read BIPOC, LGBTQ+, and other marginalized voices.


For developmental edits, we can begin with a partial manuscript review before moving onto a full manuscript review. Either way,
I'll detail the strengths of your novel as well as offer big picture suggestions for improvement in areas such as: characterization, pacing, worldbuilding, plot structure, romance, setting and anything else that feels relevant. I strive to point out underlying issues and propose specific solutions, but understand that the author's vision and instincts must come first. I hope to help you find your voice and get you even more excited about your project!
Typically, my developmental notes will be returned as a detailed 2-5 page letter. I do not provide in-line comments for developmental edits, though I will provide page numbers with specific examples of my thoughts. I will also offer a 30 minute follow-up call to answer any questions you have about my notes, included with the price.
Query letter reviews will focus on ensuring that your hook stands out and that your pitch is clear, concise, and compelling. I'll typically provide line editing for queries with Track Changes as well as a summary of my thoughts. I'll also take a look at one revision, included in the flat price.


I'm currently charging a low introductory per word rate for developmental edits and a flat rate for query reviews. Please contact me for details at mayaprasadauthor(at)gmail(dot)com.
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Linda Cheng, author of Gorgeous Gruesome Faces (Roaring Brook Press / Macmillan)

"Maya’s editorial notes were invaluable to me when I was working through the first drafts of my debut novel. Her feedback was detailed, insightful, and most of all, encouraging. She was able to highlight and pinpoint the exact areas where she felt could use improvement, whether it be a pacing issue or overall plot concern, and always provided me with suggestions for how to improve. I incorporated many of her notes into my revision process, and I would highly recommend Maya’s editorial services."

Susan Azim Boyer, author of The Search for Us and Jasmine Zumideh Needs a Win (Wednesday Books / Macmillan)

"As an editor and critique partner, Maya Prasad gets right to the heart of what makes a story tick and zeroes in on structural issues and character considerations as well as theme and voice. Her notes have given me a clear roadmap for revision, and my pages have been better and stronger as a result."
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