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Sejal Sinha Swims with Sea Dragons

Sejal Sinha #2, a STEM chapter book series for young readers ages 6-9
coming October 10, 2023

Sejal Sinha is still serious about science...

In the second installment of the Sejal Sinha series, eight-year-old Sejal is headed to the beach with her family, including her awesome aunt who is a marine biologist.

When Abu discovers a small blue creature washed up on shore, their aunt warns them not to touch it. It’s called a blue dragon, and even though it doesn't breathe fire, it is fearless. It even has some special super powers! It can devour prey much bigger than itself, and then steal its prey's dangerous stings to use to defend itself.

Sejal is ready to see the blue dragon in action! With a submarine powered by Imagination Fuel, she plunges into an underseas adventure. Will learning more about the small but mighty blue dragon help her deal with her own battle with a class bully?

Releasing October 10, 2023 from Simon & Schuster / Aladdin.


Illustrator: Abira Das
Art Director: Heather Palisi

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